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SoulCups Review


“Celeste’s Soul Cups cupcakes are delicious – great flavor, just the right amount of amazing buttercream icing – just tons of yummy, unctuous deliciousness.  In addition to treating myself, I use them all the time to reward my staff and to give to my VIP clients.” ~ Patrick O, Center Theatre Group

I love the Peppermint Stick Cupcakes, it makes the holidays more enjoyable. I also like getting introduced to new people and new wines at the Cupcake, Wine & Cheese Tastings.” ~Denise P, Pines One Communications

“Soul Cups cupcakes are so delicious! My staff goes crazy over them, and starts begging for them prior to each holiday! They’ve been spoiled.” ~Shahin K, Focal Technologies

“We hired Soul Cups for the viewing party of our debut TV show ‘Beverly Hills Fabulous’ and for all our personal staff parties too, because this entrepreneurial company embodies the same style and snap we embrace at the salon.” ~ Sean C, Elgin Salon Celebrity Stylist & Reality TV Personality,

“These cupcakes are fantastic. Only I wish that they were easier to get on the East Coast. Oh well, something to look forward to when I hit LA.” ~ Kevin M., South Orange, NJ

“I loved the gold sparkles on the cupcakes. The chocolate was very yummy. I want more!” ~ Shahrooz K., Beverly Hills

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